Welcome to the K Laboratories website. Here you will find various services that K Labs has to offer. With over 30 years experience of professional consultation in agricultural endeavors, we are sure that you will benefit from our programs. For more information, contact our certified professionals.
  • Soil and plant testing
  • Agronomic consultation
  • Nutrition managment
  • Soil, Plant, and water testing.
  • Agronomic consultation
  • Grown in sand, peat mix, and new planting reccomendations.
Black Walnut
  • Soil and plant testing
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Project development
  • Soil, plant, and seed testing.
  • Foliar and dry fertilizer reccomendation
  • New project development and consultation.
  • Greenhouse soil and plant testing
  • Fertilizer reccomendations
  • Installation of new setup
  • Soil & Plant testing
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Project development


  • Click picture above to view soybean field activities
  • Large-scale project development

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