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Nutritional Management Programs

Black Walnut Trees: Soil and plant testing with fertilizer recommendations.

Blueberries: K Ag Laboratories has developed Crop Monitoring Programs and complete soil and plant testing programs for high bush and low bush blueberries.

Christmas Trees: Soil & Plant analysis with fertilizer recommendations for all varieties.

Cranberries: K Ag Laboratories has tested over 40,000 soil and cranberry plants and water samples and has developed a Nutrient Management Program for cranberry growers in all major growing areas of the USA and Canada.

Feed Program: Specializes in NIR and wet chemistry. Fast turn around time. Very low price and special discount to consultant.

Fertilizer Recommendations: K Ag Lab offers specialized fertilizer recommendations to high value crops such as ginseng, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, tree, black walnut trees, and other 45 field crops. Also doing Low Input Fertilizer Recommendations.

General Berry: Special consulting program for Berry growers.

Ginseng: K Ag Laboratories has developed a Specialized Nutrient Management Program for American and Canadian ginseng growers.

Greenhouse and Nursery Growers: Soil and plant testing and Plant Nutrient Management Program for consultations for nursery plants and hydroponic cultures.

Herbs: Soil and Plant testing for 300 herbs with fertilizer recommendations.

Organic Farming: Low input organic fertilizer recommendations for all field crop.

Potato Program: Soil/Plant analysis and specialized fertilizer recommendations. Soil and plant Analysis: Specialize in soil & plant testing program using standard methods recommended by Universities and researchers.

Regular Soil: K Ag Lab also analyzes Soil and Plant samples for other field crops such as corn, alfalfa, soybean, and other 40 different field crops including sugarbeat, sugarcane, rice, and other interesting crops and these soils are analyzed under our regular soil analysis program and recommendations are provided depending on Soil and Plant Analysis and soil types.

Vegetable: Soil & Plant testing and specialized organic & fertilizer recommendations.

Water Report: Water analysis for irrigation and other usage.

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Analytical Services and Specialized Consultation

  • Soil Testing and Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Plant Tissues and Water Analysis
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Fertilizer and Lime
  • Manure and Sludge

International Services

  • Soil Import License #53110
  • Soil Consultation
  • Project Evaluation and Development
  • Crop Management

Additional Services

  • Contract Studies and Customized Research
  • Biological, Organic, and Foliar Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Soil Testing Consultation for International Clients
  • Custom Made Test Plots
  • Cranberry Field Scouting
  • Farmer Consulting Worldwide

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