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We are once again taking orders for grafts and seedlings.

We work with over 750 customers through the efforts of Independent Consultants.

TETRA Micronutrients manufactures and distributes the highest quality products to agricultural, turf and animal feed markets.

The Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association is one of the oldest farmers organizations in the country.

We offer secure online ordering for your convenience, so go ahead, Shop our store.

**Descriptions were directly taken off of corresponding sites. If you would like to appear on this site, please email Dr. Akhtar Khwaja at akkhwaja@aol.com.

Analytical Services and Specialized Consultation

  • Soil Testing and Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Plant Tissues and Water Analysis
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Fertilizer and Lime
  • Manure and Sludge

International Services

  • Soil Import License #53110
  • Soil Consultation
  • Project Evaluation and Development
  • Crop Management

Additional Services

  • Contract Studies and Customized Research
  • Biological, Organic, and Foliar Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Soil Testing Consultation for International Clients
  • Custom Made Test Plots
  • Cranberry Field Scouting
  • Farmer Consulting Worldwide

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