Blueberry Product Summary


100% pure blueberry powder


-         An all natural dietary supplement

-         Anti carcinogenic

-         A good source of fiber and vitamin C

-         Helps retain good eyesight

-         Helps circulation

-         Promotes urinary and bladder health

-         Helps prevention of urinary tract infections

-         Helps prevent incontinence

-         Help relief kidney infection

-         Contains high percent of Anthocyanins

-         Contains high amount of naturally occurring fruit acids.


Blueberry (Vaccinium Ericaceae) capsule is an extremely good quality product-with no preservatives added.


The Anthocyanins and other polyphenolic contents are about 30% in blueberries.

Other ingredients present are vitamins A & C, Protein, Riboflavin, Potassium, Phosphorus,

Iron, Magnesium, calcium and other minerals.


The capsules of North American herbal Products are made from high quality blueberry crops.

The typical blue colored powder denotes the freshness of berries.


These capsules are produced according to good commercial practices under strict sanitary conditions.


These dietary supplement capsules are packaged as 60 mg.capsules in a convenient 100 capsule bottles. They are sold individually or as a case of 12 bottles (Discounts given for larger orders).


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