Services Include:

* Soil and Plant Laboratory Test Report Interpretations and Recommendations.

Spring Soil Test and Maintenance Fertilizer Recommendations:

Samples will be analyzed for:

pH Calcium Phosphorus % Base Saturation -
Buffer pH Magnesium Potassium - Sodium
ENR Sodium Copper - Hydrogen
O.M. % Sulfur Manganese - Calcium
CEC Iron Zinc - Magnesium
Boron Aluminum Molybdenum - Potassium

Corrective dry and liquid fertilizer recommendations will be given based on each soil test site.

Summer Leaf and Tissue Analysis:

Leaf samples will be analyzed for:

Nitrogen Magnesium Iron Aluminum

Phosphorus Sodium Manganese Molybdenum

Potassium Sulfur Zinc

Calcium Copper Boron

Corrective or maintenance dry and liquid fertilizer recommendations will be given based on laboratory test results.

Fall Soil Test:

Complete Soil Analysis for Fall Fertilizer Recommendations to assure healthy plants in the following year.

Educational Seminar and Discussion:

Educational seminar, scientific discussion and the presentation of field research data will be included free of charge for 2 persons per program. If arranged.

Sampling Time:

Early Spring                         Soil

Mid June                              Leaf

Fall                                        Soil

Area To Be Sampled:

A minimum of one composite soil and plant tissue sample from each 1-5 acre area of field is used to determine the sampling area allowed.

For Example: One sample One section of 1-5 Acres

One sample 1-15 Ac. field out of a 500 Ac. field

One sample 1-50 Ac. field out of 1000 or more Ac

Sampling collection may also be determined on the type of soil, production potential and production problems in the areas or stages of growth.

Please fill out the soil information sheet about your field condition, use additional pages if necessary.


Cost of the test per sample:

Soil/Plant/Water - $ 35.00 Per Sample

With Fertilizer Recommendations & Interpretations

Method of Taking Soil Samples from a 2-3 Acre Field:

Take soil samples at a depth of 0 - 6 inches. Combine 6 - 12 soil samples to make 1 composite soil sample.

Method of Taking Leaf Samples from a 2-3 Acre Field:

Take complete 6-12 inches of stems with leaves from 15-20 locations per sample area to make one composite sample.

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# Of Acres on 1st Year Fruit Bearing Program: __________________

# Of Acres on 2nd Year Fruit Bearing Program: __________________

# Of Acres on 3rd or 2nd year Non Fruit

Bearing (growing year) program: __________________

Other Terms and Conditions:

It is agreed and understood that K Laboratories, Inc. will assume no responsibility regarding the application of chemicals and fertilizers recommended and that the responsibility for the proper application is the sole responsibility of the client.

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Dr. Akhtar Khwaja, Ph.D. CPAg/SS
Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition
Specialist for High Valued Crops

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