In an effort to provide you with the top quality services in the cranberry industry, we ask you to fill out this questionnaire. To serve you better in the 2007 crop season we need to know the areas that you need help in, and also where you feel our services could be improved. We value our customers input greatly. Please take a moment to fill out this form and return it to us. Your time is greatly appreciated.


1. Are you using the K Labs testing and fertilization program?


If yes, what year did you begin?_______________


2. Do you think K Labs Special Fertilizer Program has helped your:

(Choose all that apply)

_____Cranberry Production


_____Vine Health

_____Management Techniques


3. What percent of yield increase have you experienced (on average) since
starting and following the K Laboratories Testing and Fertilizer Program? (Choose One)





______More than 100%

______No difference


4. Do you follow all aspects of our recommendations?_____Yes_____No

If no, please check any that apply below:

_____Changes as per crop development

_____Adjustments to Nitrogen application as needed

_____Adjust timing as per crop development


5. Are you satisfied with our recommendations?______Yes______No

If no, please explain__________________________________________________

6. Did you have any negative experiences? ______Yes______No

If Yes, please explain__________________________________________________

7. K Laboratories Recommendation:

_____Easy to understand

_____Difficult to get recommended material

_____Too general, Needs to be more specific

_____Too many applications

_____Need only 3-4 general fertilizer and few corrective programs on problem bogs


8. Did you need our field services?______Yes______No


9. What improvements could be made to our services?________________________


10. Do you feel we test enough samples? _____Yes _____No

If no, Should we test more or less?________________________________________

11. How would you rate your production for this year?

Poor____Fair ____Average ____Good ____Very Good____Excellent____

If you have any comments, please attach additional sheets.

Thank you for taking the time to help us better serve you.