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October 1, 2006


Dear Cranberry Grower:


As you harvest your crop this year, it is also the time to note bud formation this fall, berry quality, color, vine growth, and think about sanding, pruning, and future nutritional program for optimum production for the year of 2007.


Dr. Akhtar Khwaja has been providing crop-consulting services for over 20 years with excellent results. Our services include:

        Complete soil, plant and water analysis designed for cranberry acid soils

        Dry and liquid fertilizer recommendations and timing of application

        Program for new planting, sand, peat, or mixed bogs

        Water management

        Corrective and maintenance program for white, late and early hybrid varieties


If you are interested in joining next year's crop consulting and monitoring program, we are pleased to inform you that we have some good discounts if you sign up in the fall.


Should you need more details regarding our program, please visit our website or send as an e-mail through the above address, or you may contact us at (920) 426-2222, toll free 1 (866) 356-6045, Dr. Akhtar's cell (920) 203-0132 ,or fax at (920) 426-2664.



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Note: If you are already under our program, contract for the year 2006 is attached for your approval. If you not have it yet, we will mail it to you or you can obtain the same from our website at www.kaglab.com. Please fill in above and return it to us at your earliest convenience.