Dear Cranberry Grower:

K Laboratories is planning to pull your samples this month between October 15-30. This is for growers under the K Labs soil-sampling program only.

If you are not in the K Labs fertilizer crop-monitoring program and want to join for 2007 or would like us to pull your fall samples, please call us at the lab:

Tel: (920)-426-0002, (920)-426-2222.

E-mail: akkhwaja@aol.com.

If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Akhtar this winter to talk about the 2007 testing and fertilizer program, simply return to attached sheet indicating your interest or e-mail. We will call you to make the arrangements.

Remember the fall test is to help in:

1. Understanding the plant nutrients remaining in the soil after the flood harvest.

2. Deciding on fertilizer, herbicide recommendations for the Spring Bud Break.

3. Deciding on the yield relation to soil problems and making any corrective fertilizer recommendation.

4. Studying the Potassium, Boron and Sulfur status of soil.

Research done by K Laboratories has indicated no response to winter application of any type of liquid or dry fertilizer to be applied after the harvest.

For more information, contact K Laboratories International

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