The basic function of the agricultural consultant has changed over the past few years and will continue to change.

His professional responsibility has evolved from being a "part-time hired hand" who was proficient in looking for insects and diseases, to being a creative associate on which the grower depends for major management decisions.

Now the consultant's job moves from physical to creative orientation, continuing education and providing nutritional management for making the host plant more resistant to pests and diseases, and increasing productivity.

Over the years the independent consultant has been successful in saving money for their clients through:

The time is fast-approaching when the most successful consultants will be those that who can make the client more and more money.

K Laboratories International has been providing consulting, soil and plant testing, and nutritional management programs for the last fifteen years for clients all over the world. Our major goal, besides testing, making recommendations, sharing experience and ideas, is to develop new technology and refining old technology. We strive to have access to the very latest technology before others are aware of it.

K Laboratories International's consulting, testing, and nutritional management programs have helped many clients earn a lot of money; and some have seen consistent increases in productivity and profitability for many years.

K Laboratories International is an independent testing and consulting lab. Our testing and nutritional management programs are designed to help you in the following ways:

If you are interested in joining K Laboratories Nutritional Management program contact:

Dr. Akhtar Khwaja, Ph.D.CPAg/SS
Soil Fertility and Plant Expert
K Laboratories International, Inc.
2323 Jackson Street
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Phone # (920)426-2222
efax # (920)273-6128
Dr. Khwaja's Cell # (920)203-0132

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