Dear Ginseng Grower(s):

It is time to think about next year's crop and question yourself on the following situations:

1. Are my ginseng plants strong enough to survive through the winter season?
2. What should be sprayed in fall and spring?
3. Liquid and Dry fertilizer in fall and spring.
4. Ginseng production problems such as a root rot, small root size, rusty root, seed drop, small seeds, blight, seedling drop, red & yellow leaves, poor germination and other soil problems.

For the answers to the above-mentioned questions and many more, join K Laboratories Crop Monitoring Program. This will help increase your Ginseng Production and quality.


K Labs offers Ginseng Crop Monitoring Program since 1983:
Growers can sign up in fall with 10% discount but could also sign up in spring without any discount. Enclosed are the details of the program.

New Gardens:
Fall recommendation to only established gardens. New gardens are generally tested during June, July and August. The fertilizer recommendations are given to incorporate the soil amendment and other fertilizer recommendations. The gardens are not necessary to retest in the fall. However, growers can join seedling monitoring programs in fall or spring for new planting.

Established 1,2,3, Year Ginseng Gardens:
Our experience indicates that it is important to apply corrective fertilizer recommendation in fall that will help to balance soil fertility condition in ginseng plant. Some fall fertilizer recommendations are not  necessary to apply in spring or during summer.

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