Program Includes:

* Soil Testing with Complete Fertilizer Recommendations.
* Plant Tissue Analysis with Corrective Dry and Liquid Foliage Fertilizer
* Production Counseling and Agronomy Consultation related to Soil Fertility and Plant
* Soil and Plant Laboratory Test Report, Interpretations, and Recommendations.

Spring Soil Test and Maintenance Fertilizer Recommendations:

One composite soil sample will be taken from each test site and the sample will be analyzed for:

pH   Potassium  Iron  CEC (% Base Saturation):

Buffer pH            Calcium  Copper  Sodium

Organic Matter % Magnesium  Manganese  Hydrogen

ENR   Sodium  Zinc   Calcium

Phosphorus  Sulfur   Boron       Magnesium

Aluminum  Molybdenum     Potassium

Corrective dry and liquid fertilizer recommendations will be given based on each soil test site.

Summer Leaf and Tissue Analysis:

In the months of July or August, one leaf sample will be collected from each test site and analyzed for:

Nitrogen Sodium Zinc  Magnesium  Aluminum

Phosphorus Sulfur  Boron  Manganese  Molybdenum

Potassium Copper Calcium Iron

Corrective or maintenance dry and liquid fertilizer recommendations will be given based on laboratory test results.

Fall Soil Test:

Complete soil analysis is for fall fertilizer recommendations to assure a healthy crop in the following year.
This program of testing and consultation is specifically for vegetable growers needs in the United States and Canada

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