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Specification: Nitrogen: 46% min, Moisture 0.5% max, Biuret: 1% max, Color: pure white, Granulation: 94%, Cel kernels: 90%, Static Resis: 0.7%, Melting Point: 132 degrees cent, Prill: 1-4 mm 90%

Urea is a fertilizer widely used in rice and other crop production. It is 46% nitrogen, and produced in urea plants. The capital cost of these plants is about $700 per annual ton of fertilizer produced. It takes 24 million BTU of gas to produce one ton of urea. Earlier generation plants used coal, but this process is being phased out in most places, as the costs of production are much higher.

DAP, diammonium phosphate
Specification: Nitrogen content 18% min, Phosphate content (p205) 46% min, Granulometric composition below 1.0 mm/max 2.0% 
2.0-5.0 mm/min 95% above 5.0 mm
Color: Beige/black
Granular form, free flowing, treated against caking
Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) as a fertilizer provides essential nutrients for crops along with an elevated nitrogen level. It is odorless and is favored on more acidic soils. Added to the soil or other medium, DAP provides plant nutrients that are naturally lacking or that have been removed by harvesting or grazing, or by physical processes such as leaching or erosion.

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