K Labs Services For Individual Investors or Investor Groups

  • Exploratory investment tours to locations, agricultural frontier
  • Identification of profitable agricultural and agriculturally related investment opportunies
  • Research and compilation of economic, busines and agronomic information
  • Assessments of economic and agronomic viability of dryland and irrigated land and other investments
  • Facilitation of sales of virgin and developed land tracts of 1,000 to 100,000+ ha
  • Assistance in establishment of Agribusiness companies
  • Assistance in contracting reputable professional, technical, and accounting services
  • Assistance with Central Bank currency registration and expatriation
  • Assistance in negotiating credit lines with financial entities
  • Complete professional farm management services
  • Other business and investment services at client request

K Ag Projects International, Inc.

Dr. Akhtar Khwaja PhD CPC, CPAg/SS

KAGI Labs Proposal

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